Siugen Constanza Appointed to School Board

Last night at a special meeting of the Governing Board, Siugen Constanza was selected to fill the board seat left vacant by Vianey Lopez, who was elected to the Oxnard City Council.

Ms. Constanza shared during her interview that she immigrated to the United States from Costa Rica when she was 14 years old.  She faced the challenge of not knowing any English when she arrived in the U.S.  She has been active in public schools for over 27 years.  For 15 years she worked as the bilingual liaison at Malibu High School where she was responsible for advocating for the needs of Latino students.  She has served on various boards and committees, such as PTSA, SSC and ELAC.  She is an active community member, lives in the Haycox attendance area and served as the Chairwoman/President for the Southwind's Neighborhood Council.

Ms. Constanza is excited to be joining the Hueneme family.