We are very excited to announce a new S.T.E.M. elective at both Blackstock and E.O. Green Junior High Schools.  

STEM is an elective for students designed to support learners in their capacity to invent, design, and innovate. Students will work through a brainstorming/design process to identify and solve problems by capturing ideas and documenting those ideas through written descriptions and illustrations. By engaging learners through an inquiry-based engineering approach, students will create models, test, recalibrate, and generate new ideas, and then be able to confidently present their solutions and conclusions to the class. Through these hands-on experiences, students can immerse themselves in the design process, collaborative learning, problem solving, and critical thinking to solve real world challenges while simultaneously acquiring technical knowledge which is tantamount for college and career readiness. Using a multimedia and science-rich curriculum and a wide variety of interactive tools and materials, students will apply knowledge and develop skills to better prepare students for cutting edge and high demand career fields.