Mason's Award Recipients

Once a year, the Mason's of Anacapa Lodge #710 recognize two outstanding employees from each school in the Hueneme Elementary School District, one classified and one certificated employee.  This year's honorees were recognized at a dinner on Tuesday, April 16th. Congratulations to these outstanding educators and thank you to the Masons for the opportunity to recognize the hard work of all these individuals.

Richard Bard - Angela French and Flora Hernandez

Hollywood Beach - Seychelle Ernst and Mary Ellen Galvin

Blackstock JHS - Cesar Jimenez and Peggy Derring

E.O. Green JHS - Melinda Cheresnowsky and Kathy Dorsey-Anthony

Hathaway - Veronica Zarate and Gary Pinedo

Haycox - Megan Sment and Ernest Reveles

Hueneme - Margaret Sofer and Maria Landeros

Larsen - Nathan Ash and Alma Magana

Parkview - Mark Birkimer and Maria Humphrey

Sunkist - Yvette Alvarez and Ines Cornejo

Williams - Laura Hernandez and Javier Muniz