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Hueneme Elementary School       

Home of the Mighty Thunderbolts

January 2018

Happy New Year!  Welcome Back! We hope that you all had a restful Winter Break!  The situation with the fires in our area really made our break a very welcomed one.  We are saddened that so many lost or were displaced from their homes, including some of our own district staff.  We continue to send them our thoughts and words of encouragement. 

January and February are always a hard time for us as we get deep into cold and flu season and it affects our attendance dramatically!  Please check out the block on attendance and the helpful hints from our nurse about how to help us stay healthy during this time of year!  


Our fourth Saturday Attendance Academy is Saturday, January 20!  If your child has missed one or more days of school, please make sure to sign them up.  It is a wonderful day of enrichment and fun! IF you sign your child up,  please insure that they attend as we hire teachers based on the number of students in attendance and purchase lunches based on the number of students who request them.  Most of the food must be thrown away if a student who ordered it does not attend.  

Our main goal is to make sure our students are safe.  Please talk with your students about what is and is not safe behavior.  It is very important that we all feel safe and comfortable here at school so that our main focus is to learn.

 All of our classroom rules fall into four main categories! The most important rules to reinforce at home are:

* Keep hands, feet, body, and other objects to yourself!

* Listen to the adults on campus and follow instructions!

* Do your work! 

* Behave in a safe way! 

 Please check out our entire website for information about things happening in our school!  If you have suggestions for how we can make this an even better school, please let us know.  Better yet, get involved in our parent program!  "Many hands make light work!" 


With something to think about and a WHOLE LOT of Thunderbolt PRIDE, see you all around campus!

Go Thunderbolts! 

Dr. Martha S. Romero   


                                         INSPIRE - EMPOWER - THRIVE 


 Treat EVERYONE with dignity and respect!




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